Moved Home – Don’t forget to change your locks.

It’s great to live in a high trust society, it’s nice to think that you can trust your neighbours to keep an eye on your place, or that you can trust your home’s previous occupants not to keep a spare key.

In this day and age people lead very busy lives, they can’t watch your street or home all of the time and that means that the main defence you have to protect your home are good quality locks.

Locks should be checked and changed on a regular basis, if you’ve recently lost your keys, then you need to change your locks as a matter of urgency, likewise if you’ve moved into a new home the same applies.  Get them checked (as door locks do wear out), get them changed and keep yourselves safe. You never know your home’s previous owner may have kept a spare key!

Contact us now if you want to change your locks and get peace of mind by making your new home as safe as possible.